Practical Business Loan Programs Plans For 2015

Department of Agricultures Office of Advocacy and Outreach to boost the viability and profitability of Native American farmers and ranchers while also improving their knowledge of and access to USDA resources in general. The project will provide training and outreach to two cohorts totaling 27 selected Native farmers and ranchers and tribal farm-to-school programs. It aims to increase their successful participation in USDA programs and build their capacity to manage agriculture and food-system operations in their communities. The first cohort will continue efforts with 12 Native farmers and ranchers who participated in First Nations 2016 training and are engaged in tribal farm-to-school programs. They will participate in trainings using First Nations The Business of Indian Agriculture curriculum, which is designed to help farmers and ranchers succeed in managing their businesses. Through the training the goal is to teach them how to develop a business plan, set up bookkeeping systems and marketing. In addition, information on accessing available USDA farm-to-school resources will be presented.

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