Uncovered Ideas On Factors In Working Capital

Obviously, we should see NIM move higher in Q1 and WFC needs it given the other problems it has. I wonder if WFC will have to offer higher deposit rates to attract checking and savings customers going forward and that would also crimp NIM, but it is too early to tell that just yet. Net charge-offs and allowances continue to be strong and that is no surprise. WFC’s credit metrics are always outstanding and I wouldn’t expect that is going to change with new leadership. But the bank’s efficiency ratio continues to move the wrong direction and that is crushing profitability. That number was 61.2% in Q4 against 59.4% in Q3 and 58.4% in last year’s Q4. That is an enormous move in expenses and while some of the increase will be transitory as WFC works through its issues, all those additional man-hours, legal fees, consultants and the like are going to be around for a while.


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